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Payroll Module Feature

Employee Data
Conduct Comprehensive Personnel Administration. Starting from Personal Data, Family, Education, Work Experience, Skill, Account Numbers to Employee Facilities All Stored Complete in Our Program. Features that are obtained on the Data Employee Module :

  • Employee Personal
  • Employee Education
  • Employee Information
  • Employee Facilites
  • Working Experience
  • Promotion / Mutation
  • Reward / Punishment (SP)
  • Contract & Probation Management
  • Organization Chart
  • Etc
Time Attendance Management
Perform Work Schedule Management and managing attendance data in an integrated system. Enjoy permission and leave submissions and leave online through your smartphone without having to bother anymore. Features that are obtained on the Time Attendance Management Module : 
  • Shift Scheduling
  • Leave Request (Permit Sickness, Leaves, Absence Submission)
  • Approval Leave System
  • Check Clock / Attendance Control
  • Overtime Calculation
  • Attendance Summary
  • Work Allocation
  • Job Allocation
  • Compensation Holiday
  • Sync Attendance Data With Check Clock Device
  • Etc
Payroll & Tax
Register a Payroll Formula According to Your Needs and Enjoy the Payroll Process Quickly and Accurately. Also Get Tax Calculation In Accordance With Applicable Provisions. Features obtained on the Payroll & Tax Module :

  • Allowance Formula & Calculation
  • Deduction Formula & Calculation
  • Overtime Formula & Calculation
  • Tax (PPh21) Calculation
  • BPJS Calculation (Indonesia Health Insurance Program) 
  • Pay Slip Print & Email
  • Salary Report
  • Attendance Summary
  • Payroll Process Monthly, Biweekly, Weekly
  • Payroll Bank Transfer
  • Sync Payroll Data To ERP
  • Special Payment (Payment To Employee Which Not Done Regularly)
  • BPJS Report
  • Etc
Benefits Administration
Calculating bonuses and THR (holiday allowances) in accordance with company policy. Get Infinite Bonus & THR Management. Features that are obtained on the Payroll & Tax Module :
  • THR Formula & Calculation
  • Bonus Formula & Calculation

Loan Management
Get Employee Loan Management That Is Integrated Directly With Payroll. You Can Determine the Parameters of Giving Employee Loans According to Your Needs. Features obtained on the Payroll & Tax Module :
  • Define Loan Master
  • Loan Transaction
  • Reschedule Loan
  • Repayment Loan
  • Loan History
  • Loan Balance Inquiry
  • Etc

HRIS Module Feature

Training Management
With Training Management You Can Manage Employee Training Ranging From Planning, Implementation, To Assessment Of The Results Of The Training Conducted. Features obtained in the Training Management Module :

  • Training Request
  • Training Assignment
  • Training Feedback 
  • Training Assessment 
  • Etc

Key Performance Indicator
This Feature Helps You In Performing Employee Performance Evaluation Based On Specific Assessments That Have Been Formulated. Features that are obtained on the Time Attendance Management Module :

  • Define Criteria And Category For KPI Valuation   
  • Define Target Achievement  
  • Get Valuation Automated By System   
  • KPI Personal Report  
  • KPI Summary Report 
  • Etc

E - Recruitment 
Submission of Employee Additions By Each Department Online Through JPayroll Workflow Application. Get an Online Portal Test Through the Application. Features obtained on the E-Recruitment Module :

  • Department Employee Request
  • Vacancy Management
  • Applicant Management
  • Online Test
  • Etc
Retirement Management
Perform Employee Calculation and Severance Based on the Work Period Award That Has Stopped Working Due to a Reason. Features that are obtained on the Time Attendance Management Module :

  • Working Period Award
  • Table Severance Pay
  • Etc
Reimbursement Management
Management of Claim Submission, Medical Reimbursement, Travel Reimbursement etc. You Can Also Determine Claim Collection Plans Based on Grade or Per Employee. Features that are obtained in the Reimbursement Management Module :

  • Reimbursement Master (Define Term and Condition Of Reimburse)
  • Reimbursement Limit by Grade or NIK
  • Reimbursement Transaction
  • Reimbursement Balance
  • Etc
Dashboard Management
Top Level Management Features Perform Analysis of Human Resources Through Display of Interactive Graphics. Features obtained on the Management Dashboard :

  • Employee Classification 
  • Attendance Classification 
  • Overtime Chart
  • Salary Chart
  • Management Dashboard

Employee Self Service
Is A Feature That Provides Access To Your Employees To Access JPayroll Applications Through Web Browsers Or Mobile Apps To Make Leave Filings and Permits - Other Permits Are Independent. Features obtained on the Payroll & Tax Module :

  • Self Service Submission
  • Employee Portal
  • Mobile Apps Access
  • Etc
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