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Measure And Improve HR Productivity With JPayroll Cloud

JPayroll in the cloud is a Payroll Service and HRIS  (Human  Resources Information System) which is available through Cloud-hosted infrastructure, commonly referred to Software-as-a Service (SaaS).
Why Should 
JPayroll Cloud?

Low Cost Infrastructure

You don't need to provide servers  or other hardware infrastructure. Having a good Internet connection that can connect the Customer to our application software in the hosting Data Centre is all you need to be  able to enjoy our services. 

Easier Support

Support is easier for the Customer considering we maintain the software application on our server. 

Capex vs Opex

Capex Vs Opex. SaaS solutions operate on a subscription basis (Opex) where Customers  agree to subscribe a specific number of users on a monthly cost (charged yearly) and by doing so avoid considerable up-front  investment in Capex costs.


Our cloud services comply with ISO 2700 that ensures the best security level to  our Customers.
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JPayroll Cloud Product

JPayroll in the cloud offers 2 packages, you can 
choose a packages that fit your company needs.
Express Edition

Is an application package which allows you to do payroll and employee tax calculations using the attendance data which is provided from your team. You can upload attendance data using our attendance summary data upload feature.

Standard Edition

Is a basic application package to perform payroll calculations using attendance data which is maintained within the JPayroll Application. You can configure a biometric fingerprint device to the JPayroll Application so the attendance data will be forwarded automatically to the system.

Complete Your HRIS Function with Add on Module

Benefits Administration

Bonuses, allowance with formula based calculation. On JPayroll system, payment period has no limit and it can be adjusted referring to the company policies.

E- Recruitment

Features that allow specific department to request additional employee. You can give a minimum requirement of skill and education, recruitment phase, and set up questions for online test. With this function, you can monitor the on-going recruitment process.

Reimburse Management

Reimburse management allows company to give a compensation or money claimed to the employee such as medical claim, pregnant claim, business trip expense claim, glasses claim etc. Company can set the claim limit allowed to the employee based on level, title and individual.

Loan Management

Loan management is a feature to set and record a loan given from company to the employee. These loans can be adjusted based on company policies which allowing selected employee to take the facility.

Retirement Management

Feature that calculating severance payment and year of service rewards compensation to employee that have stopped working for a certain reason.


This feature help company to do an evaluation toward respective employee based on particular valuation criterias which can be inputted by employee, section head, authorized person/division, or valuation by system.

Employee Self Service

Employee can access to the system to request their annual leaves, overtime order letter, etc. This features also allow employee to check their own attendance report and salary payment.

Dashboard Management

This feature is for top level management to do a high level review based on desired report in graph and chart form.

Training Management

A feature to manage the training for employee or department. Training system can be used to plan, implement, and assess a training courses. The training management system provides options to self request, assign specific modules to specific groups.

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