Streamline Your Payroll Process with JPayroll Lite

  • Most companies take at least 5 – 7 days to do the payroll process.
  • This time is needed to consolidate all employee data, attendance, overtime, NSSF, Income Tax, etc. into payroll.
  • This happens because all data is not integrated.

We are here optimizing your HR to become better.

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How Does JPayroll Lite Work?

We integrate all aspects of HR data in an integrated system.

1. Organization Set Up

2. Input Employee Data

3. Set Up Payroll Formula

4. Attendance Data

5. Payroll Process

Features that Optimize HR Process in Your Company  

Employee Data

Does your employee data are stored in each separated excel workbook? We make it easy for you to access the entire data and career history of each employee.


Attendance, shift, leave, permit, overtime are pain point in HR. We overcome all of that by providing one integrated place.

Payroll & Income Tax

Most HR take at least 5 days to process employees’ payroll. Our payroll function speeds up the process. Salary, BPJS, Income Tax will be done within one click.

Bonus & 13th Payment

Most people will tend to make mistakes in irregular process. We formulate your policies in our system, so that your bonus and 13th payment can be processed correctly every year.

Retirement Management

Employee severance pay calculation and its tax deductions are different from calculating employee payroll. We make it easy for you without having to calculate it manually.


Employee Self Service

Don’t let HR struggle only on administrative tasks. Focus on developing employee quality by providing employee self-service access to make your work even easier.

Optimize HR in Your Company

One of the best ways to optimize HR roles in your company is to minimize repetitive administrative work. You can minimize this by implementing an integrated HR system.

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Feed Back from Our Customer

“Our needs are perfectly realized. With 3 levels of security by JPayroll, user authorization can be adjusted flexibly according to the level allowed. A reliable and responsive support team is always ready to assist us in realizing a better business process. “

Djoni Susilo

PT. Asahimas Flat Glass Tbk.

“Fulfill payroll and HR needs with a different salary calculation formula inter grades for around 11,000 employees, is a challenge for us. JPayroll answers this challenge with a flexible parameter-based formula. Our complex payroll issue was resolved very well. “

Christian Gunawan

PT. Dua Kelinci

“We chose JPayroll because of the flexibility it provides, especially in our type of business. Our number of employees is more than 10,000 employees, spread across more than 700 branches in Indonesia. JPayroll answers the challenge for managing all employees from staff, contract and intern. Work Allocation feature helps us identify the cost per location per employee. JPayroll is the perfect solution for corporate needs.”


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About JPayroll

JPayroll is an HRIS application and Payroll Software that makes easy for company to manage all HR aspects in the company, from employee data, attendance, overtime, salary, income tax, NSSF, KPI, recruitment, training, etc. JPayroll application has served more than 100 well-known companies and manages more than 100,000 employees every month. JPayroll application is updated with the latest income tax regulations and is updated with the latest government regulations.

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