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Payroll Software & HRIS Solution

All In One Packages Payroll Software that Suit With Your Needs

JPayroll is a Complete Solution of Payroll Software & HRIS Software  To Help You Manage Employee Data, Attendance, Overtime, Payroll, Tax, Insurance, Loan, Performance Etc

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Best Payroll Software & HRIS

JPayroll is Payroll Software and HRIS Software that have been used in various industries and companies. For high commitment in creating the latest innovations in the HR field, APAC CIO Outlook has appointed JPayroll as the Top 25 HR Technology Solution Providing 2017

Why Should JPayroll ?

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Parameter Based

You Can Flexibly Setup Payroll Formulation Based on Your Company Policy Without Doing Any Software Customization.

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Web Based App

You Don’t Need to Install JPayroll Apps on Your Device or PC. Just Access The Apps Through Web Browser You Can Enjoy to Use JPayroll Anywhere, Anytime.

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Multiple Location

Just Install JPayroll Software on Your Server You can use JPayroll for all of Your Location and Branches.

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3 Level Security

JPayroll Protect Your Payroll Data and HR Data with 3 Level Security. Enjoy Access Employee Self Service Securely with No Need to Worry of Data Leak.

What You Get on JPayroll ?

Employee Data
Managing Employee Data

Employee data with Personal Data, ID & Tax ID, Address & Phone, Education Records, Family, Employee Information, Skill, Training, Facilities, Organization Experience, Work Experience, Basic Salary, Bank Account

Attendance Management
Shift Schedule, Presence, Overtime

Manage Your Employee Shift Schedule that can be adjusted with Your Company Policy. Manage Your Employee Attendance Completely Integrated with Payroll. Enjoy Leaves and Permit Submission and Approval by Online Through Smartphone. No Hassle Anymore.

Payroll & PPh 21
Calculate Payroll & Tax

Register payroll formulation based on need and enjoy payroll process quickly and accurately. Get also tax calculation based on your company policy.

Payroll Software & HRIS That Have Any Feature of Your Needs.

JPayroll Has Two Main Feature to Meet With Your Payroll and Human Resource Management Needs.


– Employee Data
– Time Attendance
– Payroll & Tax
– Benefits Administration
– Loan Management
– Employee Self Service


– Key Perfomance Indicators
– Training Management
– E – Recruitment
– Dashboard Management
– Reimburse Management
– Retirement Management
– Attendance Anywhere
– Job Visit Tracking
– Competence Management

Choose Products that Meet with Your Needs

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Standard Edition
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Enterprise Edition
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JPayroll Cloud
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Job Visit Tracking

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