JPayroll Feature For All Your Needs

  • Designed for data organization and systematization
  • Flexible and easy to adapt
  • Reduce HRIS and payroll administratio

JPayroll Feature For All Your Needs

  • Designed for data organization and systematization
  • Flexible and easy to adapt
  • Reduce HRIS and payroll administration

Find The Features You Need

Employee Data

Information relating to the identity, employment status, and work history of employees who work for a  company. Used for payroll purposes and to comply with employment-related legal requirements


Monitor employee time and attendance, calculate payroll based on working hours, and provide transparency to help prevent payroll fraud

Payroll & Tax

With parameter-based functions, all data can be converted to variables and transformed into formulas that can be customized to your company’s rules and regulations.

Bonus & 13th Payment

Calculating the value of awards for performance or achievement of specific goals, as well as calculating salaries and 13th bonuses as a form of respect and appreciation for their hard work during the year

Employee Loan

Simplify the management and deduction of employee loans through an integrated payroll system


This feature enables the electronic and automated submission of employee expenses. This can make data management and analysis easier


This module helps organize retiring employee data and manage pension finances more efficiently and accurately, including calculating pension payments and other benefits

Performance Management/ KPI

Organize and monitor employee assessments in real-time, facilitate the performance evaluation process, and reward employees who achieve or exceed the specified targets

Employee Competency

Manage and monitor the abilities, skills, and qualifications of employees in their work to improve overall workforce quality and productivity


This feature allows companies to easily plan, manage, and monitor employee training as well as measure training effectiveness


Simplify the selection process based on company needs, track hiring progress, and manage a more structured candidate database for future hiring needs

Employee Self Service

Employees can easily access information and perform administrative tasks such as updating Personal Information, viewing work schedules, Request Time Off, and viewing pay slips without contacting HR

We Offer The Best Of Both Options

JPayroll On Premise & On Cloud

Benefits of On-Cloud computing:


Cloud computing can be easily scaled up / down to accommodate changing business needs


Can be accessed from anywhere with an internet connection, making it easier for teams to collaborate remotely


Eliminates the need for upfront infrastructure, hardware investments, and ongoing maintenance costs, which can be a significant cost saving for many organizations


JPayroll’s cloud computing datacenter typically provides high availability and disaster recovery options, which can ensure that business-critical applications are always up and running.

Benefit of On-Premise Computing:


Gives organizations complete control over their hardware, software, and data, which can be important for security and compliance reasons.


Allows organizations to set up specific needs on their infrastructure, rather than being limited by the options provided by cloud providers


Offer better performance and lower latency than cloud computing, especially for applications that require high computing power or real-time data processing.


On-premise computing ensures that data is stored and processed locally, which can be important for organizations that have strict data privacy or regulatory requirements.

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