Manage Your Employee Data So It’s Not Messy Anymore

Before Jpayroll

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Before Using JPayroll

You need at least more than 4 spreadsheet to save all employee data for personal data, payroll data, bank accounts data, NSSF, tax data, personal identity, etc. All those data will be saved in unintegrated spreadsheets.

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After Using JPayroll

All employee data that you need are available in one system and can be accessed any time needed. All history data also will be saved in one database, even for inactive employees in your company. You will need the data if one day this employee decides to rejoin your company. Our single input method will also be easier for your HR and take less time to save all employee data.

Employee Input Which Facilitates Data Collection

Employee data sometimes gets messy because the company does not have any standard data that is needed from the employees. Inputting employee data in JPayroll will make it easier for user by inputting the employee data when a new employee is hired. All of required data will be inputted in one input form.

Proses Hiring

Connect With E-Recruitment Feature

JPayroll is a software that helps you to manage your employees as a whole from upstream to downstream. You can connect employee data feature with E-Recruitment feature which will create an integrated employee recruitment form. You don’t need to copy all selected applicant data, all those data will be automatically converted into employee data. Now your works will be much easier with JPayroll.