Employee Loan Management.
Set Employee Loan Ceiling According To Your Policies.  



Loan liability reminder

loan Reschedule

Adjust Loan Ceiling Based On 

Applicable Policies

You can set an adjustable employee loan ceiling based on their grade and service period. We also determine employee loan ceiling based on employee abilities.

Automatic Installments From Employee Salary

Employee loan management features allow companies to cut employee salaries according to the desired installments. You will not forget to deduct employee salaries. Employees are calm, company is calm, HR is also happy.

Employee Termination Reminder

The system will alert the user if there are employees who want to quit and still have loans to the company. Our solution minimizes the risk of companies to sustain loss due to uncollectible loans.

Rearrange Employee Loan Based On Needs

Sometimes there are certain conditions that make employees want to reschedule their loan scheme. On JPayroll Employee Loan Management feature you can reschedule payments and the system will automatically recalculate the installments according to remaining loan.