Reimburse Administration, Medical Claim, Optical Claim, Etc. Won’t Bother You Anymore.

administrate Reimbursement Transaction

ARRange Ceiling based on policies

pay claim at pay day

income tax 21 calculation

Administrate All Claim Transactions And Reimburse In One Integrated System

Your company’s administration claim and reimbursement are still manual using tiring spreadsheet? With reimbursement management feature from JPayroll, now administration claim and reimbursement become easier.

Adjust Reimbursement Balance Based On Your Company Policies 

Employee claims and reimbursements balance on JPayroll reimbursement management feature can be adjusted according to your company needs. The ceiling can be adjusted based on Grade, Title, or Each Employee. Personalize your company’s reimbursement ceiling rules with JPayroll.

Pay Claim At Pay Day? It Surely Can

Reimbursement and Claim transactions that have been administered in the JPayroll application can be paid along when employee gets salary at the end of the month. Payment management to your employees can now be done in one door.

Tax Calculation For Reimbursement Beneficiaries

In accordance with applicable regulations, all benefits received by employees, including reimbursement claim, will be calculated as employee’s income tax base. Our system will calculate income tax on reimbursement claim in one unit of calculating employee income tax.