Measure and Improve Employee Competence With Management Competence Feature From JPayroll

Define your assessment parameter

Assessment Standardization

Employee candidate pre screening

Training recomendation

Define Your Employee Competence Assessment Parameter

On JPayroll competence management feature you can define your own employee competence assessment parameter based on company’s standard. You can also determine weight of score for each parameter. You can also define target on every assessment parameter.

Standardize Employee Competence Assessment In Each Department

Every position, department, or even employee have their own potentials and competencies. You can determine assessment standard of competencies on each position, department, and each employee. You don’t have to determine assessment parameter for each employee personally.

Use Competence Assessment While Screening New Employee

One of the things that is commonly looked from employee candidates is their ability to master an ability or competency. Management competence feature on JPayroll can be integrated with E-Recruitment feature for doing an optimal employee screening.