Improve Employee Performance Quality With Management Training From JPayroll

Training assignment request

Training recommendation

Training Feedback

Employees evaluation

Request For Employee Training Assignment Now EasierĀ  Within One System

On JPayroll application, you can request for employee training assignment. You can determine when will the training be held, who the speakers are, and who the participants are. You can apply this procedure to all departments in your company to increase efficiency of HR process in your company.

Recommend Training Based On Employee Competency Assessment.

You can provide training recommendations for employees based on the data from employee competency assessments. By doing this, you will get comprehensive data and information related to better training recommendations.

Feedback From Your Employees Will Be Very Meaningful For The Next Training.

One of the keys from the success of training implementation is a feedback from the training participants. This will make the training becomes better every day. On JPayroll you can ask for input and feedback from employees for each training implementation.