Formulate Bonus & 13th Payment, Our System Will Calculate It Automatically

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Performance based bonus

calculate income tax 21 automatically

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Formulate 13th Payment Calculation Based On Your Company’s Regulations

13th Payment granting rules may be different for each company. You can configure the system according to your needs. You don’t need to remember what the rules are at any time you want to transfer the 13th payment. Let our system calculate it for you.

Give Bonus to Employees Based On Their Performance

Giving bonus is something that company can give for motivating employees to work better. The regulations for bonus giving, of course varies from company to company. With JPayroll you can calculate bonuses based on employee achievement and performance according to predetermined targets.

Directly Calculate Income Tax 21

Based on applied taxation regulations, tax on bonus and 13th payment must be deducted when the employee receives the income. This means that income tax on Bonus and 13th payment is certainly different from the other income routine. Automate income tax calculation on bonus and 13th payment with JPayroll.

Can Be Paid Separately From Payroll

Bonus and 13th payment of course can be paid advance not with payroll which usually done at every end of month. JPayroll allows you to make bonus and 13th payment transfers separated from the payroll. You can download reports and CSV bank transfer of bonuses and 13th payments separately from salary payments.