Manage Your Employees’ Attendance Easier With JPayroll

We really understand the pain points of your employee data management

Shift Management

ONline attendance

RPermit, Leave, Overtime Request

Data to payroll integration

Employee Shift Management

One of the pain points in managing employee attendance data is mismatch between schedule and actual time. This might be a chance for employees to do an indiscipline shift work. JPayroll helps you to manage your employee workshifts with scheduling management features.

Attendance Machine Integration to The System

One of the basics in managing employee attendance data is obtaining an accurate employee attendance data source. This process can be done optimally if HR can integrate attendance data from  attendance machine into the system to be processed automatically by the system. In JPayroll Application you can integrate biometric device with the system directly.

Online Attendance, Easier, Safer

Your employees are in various locations without the existence of attendance machine? Or attendance machine investment is quite expensive to you?  You can utilize JPayroll’s Attendance Anywhere feature to optimize employee attendance, anywhere, using employees’ cellphones. You will be able to monitor employee attendance from anywhere. You will get employee attendance data information along with employee’s GPS location.

Permit, Overtime, Leave, Everything Can Be Accessed In Your Hand 

Permit, leave and overtime request are still using paper form? Now your employees can request for permit, leave, and overtime directly from their mobile phones. Transaction request notifications will also be sent to the authorized superior to be immediately approved through the application. This convenience will increase HR performance up to 80%. Now the payroll will be faster and smoother.

Integrate Attendance Data For Easier Payroll Process

All data has been inputted into the system even without you entering it. Now you can use all of this data to calculate employee payrolls at the end of the month. Integrate all attendance data into the payroll component formula. Now your payroll process can be done automatically without hassle anymore. Just one click, all things are resolved easily.

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